Dear drummer,

Are you looking to learn how to play drums?

Are you thinking of dropping serious money on drum lessons, only to find that you will surpass your teacher in a matter of weeks and have no one to look up to?

Well do you know that I dropped $9,000 on drum school in NYC?

Yep! And then another 2 years on rent so that I could study with my drum teacher in that area.

Was it worth it? Yes. Because wasn't invented yet. :D

There is a reason why most suck at the drums and do not have the ability to play something ferocious.

See I was fed more than I could handle in drum school. I practiced in a rubber room for years. But I was given the instruction in little pieces so that I would keep cranking out money over the years.

So I am here to tell you.. You will NOT need to spend that amount of money OR time to learn everything I did. I have simplified it, and documented EVERYTHING I have learned in 30 years of playing.

Getting to where you want to be on the drum set can be tricky. With this technique, with a little help from written music, you can find yourself playing some of the best, most complex music known to man quicker than traditional methods.

So look, I'm not going to waste your time as you can see I'm not going to have this page up forever.

I'll take you on a journey, through over 15 styles, with 47 lessons, and all you need to do is play the exercises along with me, and you will be playing the way you want, and FAST.

Imagine this is like steroids for your drumming.

See Ive been in the position again & again, where I had only 3 or 4 days to learn a new song, record it or perform it. Now through the years I developed a method that would enable me to do it quick. Down to the hour.

You need my exercises.

And if you are just starting out or know someone who is, this is a course like no other.

It's raw, no BS and straight to the point.

It's easy to understand and by the end of the session, give it a few minutes you will recognize what I am having you do, that's for usre!

So look, everything is included in a membership.

Check out what you'll get..

5, 7 and 9 Stroke Rolls
These rudiments are the foundation of everthing drums. If you want to become a master of the drums quickly I will show you how to utilize them.
How to use a click track
Ok, well this goes without being said. Whether you are recording in the studio, live or practicing, it is VERY important to use a click track.
Double Stroke Roll
Another foundational rudiment for alot of the beats I play. (As you would have seen in my promo video as soon as you got here.) My double stroke is pretty fierce, and I know how to teach it. Let's go!
Double Paradiddles
One of my favorite rudiments which allows me to drop insane linear style triplets wherever I go, alternating the stickings and really shredding it.
Double stroke exercise 02
This one is for practicing. Want to get your second note of your double stroke strong and equal to the first? This is the exercise to use!
How to use Double Bass
From someone who can play 32nd's at 120 BPM, you will want to learn how he does it!
Double Stroke Exercise #03
This exercise is more like a religion! Using a single as your starting point, you can play whole beats with this type of double stroke.
Double Strokes and Paradiddles
We talk about similarities in double strokes and paradiddles, as well as getting your double stroke used during a paradiddle strong and full.
How to play a Flam

This rudiment is self explanatory. And will also come in good when we teach you the flamadiddles!

How to play a flamadiddle
After learning the flam, you will want to learn flammadiddles! These are great for performance as well as excerise to make you play stronger. And the way I do it, you will want it!
Some of the most important rudiments to learn. In this lesson, you will learn the basics, the practice strategy and the application for these necessary foundational rudiments.
Rudiment Recap

We go over all of them. Paradiddles, rolls, flams, everything. We make sure you are fully up to speed with your rudiments before we move on.

The Ruff

The ruff is used primarily with our marching music and Jazz. We want to show you how understated this rudiment is and why you should definitely get good with them.

Single Stroke Roll

A good drummer has a good single stroke roll. Alot of drummers are actually lazy with this one as they want to learn the double stroke, which uses less movement. Not me! My single can be played at 120BPM.

Triple Paradiddle

Want to play something similar to a 16th note for a whole measure then alternates? Well this is the rudiment responsible for the sexy samba and the afro cuban beat you always hear me play.

Time Signatures

You must learn all your time signatures! And I do not play around, I do ALL OF THEM. I even do 16th note time signatures in case you ever want to play for a bollywood production.

Learn how to play amazing fills

Learn how to SMOKE with fills. Utilizing all toms, we will go over the never ending fill, (As seen in the promo video) as well as the one note fill, the combos and much more.

Jazz Lesson - Swing - Patterns

This is the most important lesson of everything swing. We will go over the basic swing patterns, then move onto the complex stuff, but make it easy to understand for the first time!

Jazz Lesson - Swing - Left Hand

Ok so you got your swing hand strong. Well now it's time for the good stuff. Impress your ladyfriend with a hand that has a mind of it's own! As I always say, your left is your painting hand!

Jazz Lesson - 16th Note Feel

Want to play straight? We got you.

Jazz Lesson - Swing School

Everything Swing. Get ready. It's going down.

Latin - Afro-Cuban

This one is the BEST for independence. And makes a VERY groovy and sexy beat for all styles of music.

Funk Beat in 7/8 Time

We count this 1234123 and you will see why. This is a linear funk beat and it rocks. Written by yours truly.

The Samba

Ok so the next time you visit Rio, make sure to remember what I taught you when you get behind the kit.

Drum Cover from Hell

This one is quite insane. I wrote the music, so you probably will enjoy it.

Lack of Comprehension Narration

This is a drum cover of one of my favorite Death songs and I will speak over it to explain what you are watching and hearing.

My Life Your Death Narration

After my "Drum cover from hell" I perform this narration so you can hear yourself think and understand how you can do the same. Very highly acclaimed.

Shephard's Commandment Narration

Another one of my favorite songs, with a narration ontop.

How to play Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass has an awesome history for the last 20 years or so. Take hip hop and reggae twice as fast, give yourself a British accent and you are good to go!

My Reggae is LEGIT! Guaranteed.

This was my signature foundational style with everything I did in the band MadChyron. You will surely dig the way I play Reggae and if you are looking to learn it, I'm your guy.

Bass Ass Dancehall

We rudeboys will get you up to speed with the most banging dancehall beats for the club. We are all about supplying the artists and rappers with the best beats possible.

Tons of Hip Hop Beats

I really pile it on. Ive done over 1000 hip hop beats in the industry, all tempos, and these are really up to date. You will hear the modern influence in my playing and you will soon do the same.

INSANE Metal School

We really pack it on with this course. Not only will you learn from separate courses on Thrash and Blast beats, but we give you the entire spectrum with over 10 MUST-HAVE Metal beats in this course.

Thrash Beats

One of the most classic and foundational beats for Rock and Metal playing. Taught from someone who can play a Thrash beat with 16ths on the hi hat at the tempo of 120.

Thrash Beats and Blasts

Learn everything metal in this up close and personal workshop showing you the REAL way to get your speed up to something that will add huge value to your band, compositions and recordings.

You don't read music? I'll show you how.. It's worth it!

This course simply ROCKS. And again, my qualifications? Ive been a session drummer in NYC since the late 90's, studied at the Drummer's Collective in NYC in 95'

Since then, rocking the Internet inventing new styles for modern drumming.

*Some of the videos are 60 minutes long and entail a full FAQ with actual notation.

>> Become a Professional Drummer by Downloading my Complete Video Course
Including my technique, Video courses and Hand Holding Customer Support.

Here are some of the lessons from the actual members area:

Learn a simple trick that will enable you to play insane fills at any tempo! Play any drum cover you want and get thousands of views on YouTube! Learn how to read Complex music and watch what comes out of you! You will scare yourself!
A sneak peek at the best moments of the "Never Ending Fill" course. Check it out from start to finish. No matter if the song is a 6/8 feel or melodic thrash metal. If you love Rock & Roll, you will dominate! How to play a 4 minute song at the tempo of 160 BPM with every measure different from the last? It's all in this edited clip from the course.

I hope you appreciate my page and let's see you in the members area!

And if you want to go ahead and download EVERYTHING right now, you can do that below.

As a member you will receive all of the videos and notation shown on this page plus alot more.

You will also get access to every video I upload this following year.

Now ask yourself, how much would a child's winning experience be worth to you as a drummer?

How much would being a star drummer be worth to anybody?

Well I feel that is a reasonable question. I mean I did lay out EVERYTHING you need for you to dominate on the drums.

I am giving you EVERYTHING I would give a close friend of mine plus alot more.

The material is incredibly easy to study and apply, and the videos stream directly onto your computer.

I wanted to make this affordable and not a $450.00 coaching session that breaks your wallet.

So we came up with an incredible idea.

We put our system on the Internet's most trusted digital retailers, for $27.00.

Simple, affordable and costs as much as a couple of sandwiches from your local deli.

And the best part?

PlayAnythingOnDrums comes with a 60 day money back guarantee from Clickbank.

if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, forward your clickbank receipt to and get your money back within 60 days.

No questions asked, no recurring billing or funny stuff.

Just a ONE TIME payment of $27.00 and you will have my entire lifes work right in front of you.

Ask yourself...

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